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Volunteer in Hawaii with WOOF

By khammel | Permalink | 1 comment | May 2nd, 2011 | Trackback

A vacation to Hawaii is expensive, there’s just no getting around it. Even from west coast cities like Portland Los Angeles, summer deals to Hawaii can be $500 or more just for the flight. Add in pricey hotels, expensive restaurants, car rental and activities, and a trip to Hawaii will cost you big. But it can cost less, especially if you’d prefer to stay longer than a week or two.

WOOFing is a great way to see more of Hawaii and stay longer for less money. WOOFing opportunities in Hawaii abound, with duties ranging from picking produce to tending to livestock and living conditions ranging from totally rural to luxury homes on the coast. Every arrangement will be different; you might end up working for just a few hours day in exchange for room and board, or you might put in 30 hours a week to earn your keep and a small stipend. With so much variety, it’s not hard to find the situation that works for you and allows you time to see the islands.

You’ll still have to pay to fly to the Big Island, or wherever you find work, but once there you’ll find travel becomes much more affordable.

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sophie | May 11th, 2011 at 12:49 pm
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Nice idea. Hawaii is such a great place, and more people love to stay there.

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