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Featured Volunteer resource: Ecovolunteer

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Looking for a volunteer travel opportunity of a greener sort? Ecovolunteer allows you to travel for a cause and help out some of the world’s endangered animals.

With its easy to navigate and fun to use site, Ecovolunteer puts the causes front and center, allowing interested travelers to sort through their trips, both by destination and what species of animal they would like to help.

The drop-down menu is divided into categories: Carnivores, Ungulates, Dolphins, Primates, and domesticated animals all earning their own section.

The Ecovolunteer website also allows you to search by your desired month of travel.

A wealth of information about each trip is available to the web-browsing individual, including such inspiration as photo galleries of the beavers you could go tend to in Poland and an audio recording of a river otters in South America that sounds suspiciously like an ecovolunteer intern with allergies.

The Dutch company provides trips all over the world, from Africa to Asia to Europe, but with few trips to North America. Only the Big Cat Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue, both in Florida, are available at the moment.

Reservations can be made online, although nothing is finalized until a representative contacts you to confirm your information. Trips range from 122 Euros for a week on the island of Cres working to save vultures in Croatia, to 1200 Euros for a month with the brown bears in Poland.

While most trips are available year round, dates and prices do fluctuate. Do your homework before signing up for a trip.

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