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The Starfish Theory

By Kate | Permalink | No Comments | February 22nd, 2007 | Trackback

starfish1.jpgOne of the stories or legends that often comes up in connection to volunteering is the Legend of the Starfish (Author Unknown); I’ve linked to the page of an animal welfare group here because they provide a version of this story…okay, I also like dogs a lot but that’s not the main reason.

Just what is the moral of this story? Where and how can we apply it to the real world? Is it “right”?

To me, the message of this story is: don’t doubt that however small your action might be, it makes a difference to someone. I think this is a nice sentiment that can be applied to all of our actions, not just time considered “volunteering”, and the world at large would benefit from more people thinking about things in this way.

I would be cautious, however, about applying it any time help is offered, and in the way of “anything you do to help is good.” But that’s another post, so stay tuned.

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